The Lost World

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The announcement to take a break from school started on March 16, 2020. This made a big difference for my daughter. I focus on the experience of my daughter who has to lose the world she is enjoying, namely the world of school along with her friends.

Before pandemic, my daughter goes to school from 7 am to 2 pm, then suddenly a pandemic occurs. She must lose the world she likes. She had to go back home, spend time with her book, her friends with virtually and finally she had to meet me all the time.

I saw something missing from the world of my daughter, but in the midst of that irreplaceable loss, my daughter began to fill in the blanks by learning and playing, I was more focused when she played.

I found a number of things that she often played when she felt she missed her friends, and if there was a emptiness in my daughter in the middle of this pandemic, I saw the toys that she played could fill the emptiness.

I  hope when this is complete and normal, my daughter will appreciate it more when returning to school, love her friends more and focus more on her education, so that her goals are achieved.