In the time of Corona

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Our precious time that will become history when the pandemic occurs. The announcement to leave school started on March 16, 2020. This made a big difference for our children. Instantly everything goes slowly, second by second without haste.

Sometimes in the morning, she basked with his favorite doll, sometimes she basked alone with braided hair. Every Monday until Friday, the online study schedule changes, she releases his longing by seeing the faces of her teacher and her friends on a laptop screen.

In the following times, she will be very busy with homework from school which requires her to immediately fill out and send back to one of the learning applications. At other times, she will spend time by drowning herself in her favorite books or greeting her grandmother, grandfather, aunt and uncle through the cellphone screen.

For 3 month we have stayed at home, independent isolation for us and maybe for all people in all corners of the country is to consciously try to protect ourselves and our loved ones to stay healthy and vibrant amid the covid -19 pandemic.